Power Edge a range of materials to help maximise impact and profit!

  • Print Media
  • Design
  • Impulse Sales

Print Media

We offer a highly effective variety of printed marketing materials, including posters, trade booklets and magazine adverts.

Choose to support Power Edge and our own in-house design studio can collaborate with you to provide a tailor-made variety of materials to suit your needs and help you effectively market our unique brand.


Each item in the Power Edge range is simply stunning! From the single packs to an array of ready-to-go POS solutions.

Power Edge are industry leading for design, innovation and offering ultimate quality products.

Impulse Sales

Power Edge is already available in several ‘sales-grabbing’, attractive and unique formats.

Display on euro-hangers or counter top tray displays. Whatever the opportunity – Power Edge has something for everyone.
Need stands? Or even something bespoke?